Gift package

Here you can get a gift pack according to your ideas, where you can choose your own wine, add cheese or dried sausage ... Exactly what is suitable for a gifted close man.

We will be happy to advise you on choosing a wine, combined with cheese or meat.

We pack everything nicely, either in a wooden box or in a knitted basket.

Someone thinks French wine, it will be a very expensive affair ...

It's not like that!

I'll give you an example - you'll pick out 3 bottles of good wine, 1 sausage, two pieces of 100 grams of cheese, you'll get about $ 900 for everything.

What do you think is a good deal? For 900 CZK 3 bottles of French wine, sausage, and two pieces of cheese?

The price will depend on the price of the wine you choose.

You have come across a problem when you wanted to reward someone for a good job, and did not know what to give as attention.

Or when choosing a birthday gift.

Donate wine, it is a so-called lethal gift, which you can enjoy at your family dinner, and when you drink it, you will remember it well :-)

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