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Château Pouroutou, Cuvee Eliane, Bordeaux AOP, 2014

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Wine: red, dry.

Region: France, Bordeaux

Manufacturer: Terre de Vignerons

Alcohol content: 13%


Merlot: 67%, Cabernet Franc: 33%

The wine has an intense ruby ​​color.


Wine attracts rich flavor with tones of dark berries and spices.

It has a long finish with shades of oak.

The aroma of wine reveals the shades of roasted bread, spice nuances and berries.

Gastronomic combinations

The wine is suitable for dishes made of red meat, mushrooms and hard cheeses.

Interesting facts.

Chateau Pouroutou, "Cuvee Eliane" is made from two varieties of grapes - Merlot and Cabernet Franc. The grapes are mechanically collected and then passed through traditional vinification in stainless steel vats.

The aging of wine takes place in oak barrels for 12 months.

Pouroutou Chateau is one of the fifty wineries that are part of the Les Veyriers cooperative. Mrs. Elian Grier, who received the vineyard as a reference from her grandfather in 1989, is led by the rhythm of nature, moon and plants. Elian Grier says, "I would like to be in my vineyard, I like my vineyards, they look like my children."

"Les Veyriers" is a cooperative winery located in the heart of the village of Saint-Radegonde. The history of the village has a very rich history dating back to the Middle Ages. There is a legend that Queen Radegond, who escaped from the monastery, settled in these countries, which were subsequently named in her honor. Today, the village of Saint-Radegonde is a local economic center, and the proximity of the Dordogne and the clay soil creates excellent conditions for growing grapes.

The "Le Verrier" winery has a unique architecture. Vault is supported by columns that extend upwards. Initially, they were used to collect rainwater. The configuration of the interior allows space to be used with maximum benefit, and the platforms separating the first and second floors open a panoramic view of the basement.

The "Les Veyriers" cooperative has 50 wineries and 500 hectares of vineyards. Winemakers honor tradition, but they are very open to everything new. They are constantly looking for innovative manufacturing methods and offer modern wines tailored to the tastes and wishes of customers

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