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Ø Sans Sulfites 2016r. BIO

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AOP Côte de Duras

Varieties: 100% Merlot

About twenty hectares of VLDC are grown on organic farming

the Duras label. The wine was harvested prematurely for preservation

full grape potential.

Vineyards are traditional. It was made without the addition of sulfur,

or yeast. The sulfur level is less than 10 mg / l

which protects the wine from oxidation. The packaging was made very much

more quickly after winemaking to ensure maximum protection of the wine.

Synthetic cork is also an additional protection for this delicate

wine to reduce air exchange.

Blend: 100% Merlot

Year: 2016

Winery: traditional winery / 10 days

maceration / aging in stainless steel vats

maintaining carbon dioxide at a certain level

to prevent oxidation.

Wine aging: consumed within 2 years.
In order to maintain full quality

wines, avoid aerating.


The wine has a deep, bright color.

It has a great nose of ripe fruit with hints of sweet wood, and chocolate.

It's full in the mouth: we could almost crunch

grapes! The wine is fresh enough and has a beautiful smooth


Food: Grilled and roasted red meat, cheeses.

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