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Muscat de Rivesaltes Collection 2012 r. - Sladké

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A.O.P. Muscat de Rivesaltes
Muscat de Rivesaltes
This Muscat de Rivesaltes wine comes from vineyards planted in the south,
  on the slopes of Corbières. The vineyards are planted on Stoney's terraces
clay and chalk. These are soils that retain very little water.
Muscat petits, Muscat d'Alexandria.
Production method:
The grapes are carefully selected.
She matured in fine yeast dances for several months.
Fine golden color with green reflections. The nose is fresh and
elegant with the scent of exotic fruit, and lemon grass. It's upstairs
light and fresh, with lasting tones, distinctive exotic fruits and fresh grapes.
Recommended Serving:
Muscat de Rivesaltes is excellent as an aperitif but also great with fresh fruit
salads. Why not try some goat cheese.
Serving temperature: Serve chilled between 10 ° and 12 ° C.

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